Stüssy archive '19

Stüssy is diving back into the archives to offer exclusive hand-picked vintage items on Taking past product out of the warehouse and putting them back into the world, with the idea that they should be worn and loved not hidden or thrown away. From og graphic t-shirts to archival Stüssy textiles - these influential pieces are as relevant today as they were back then. Stand out in the crowd!

Stüssy Archive in Santa Ana

Stüssy has decided open it’s archive to the public with a store in Santa Ana. For almost four decades, Stüssy has straddled a fine line between high and low, referencing different subcultures to create timeless comfortable clothing that defines modern streetwear. The store will allow customers to easily buy pieces from every era. The light-filled space designed by Calen Knauf is full of vintage art, furniture, colorful rugs, and plants that sit alongside an exclusive collection of classic graphic t-shirts, long sold out collaborations, and playful accessories.

Stüssy Archive
200 E 4th St, Santa Ana, CA 92701, USA
12–7pm Monday to Friday
12–8pm Saturday
12–5pm Sunday