07 / 25 / 2023

Stüssy and Comme Des Garcons Perfume worked together to create a fragrance that captures the mood, essence, and lifestyle of Laguna Beach. Natural marine freshness, moss, and atlas cedar mix with white solar flowers to create an all-new, organic, laid-back vibrational force.

The campaign was a collaboration with longtime Laguna Beach resident, artist and craftsman Jim Olarte, an avid beachcomber. Olarte has sourced all materials found in these images over a ten-year period from the coast of Southern California. Abstract lead fishing weights, surfboard and boat fiberglass, and dried bull kelp straight from the source, Laguna Beach.

Stüssy Laguna Beach Eau De Toilette is available worldwide at select chapter stores and on Friday, July 28th at 10am.

Artworks & Consulting: Jim Olarte & Cooper Root
Photography: Antosh Cimoszko & Felix Rapp