09 / 21 / 2020

Tremaine Emory, Ade ‘Acyde’ Odunlami and Brock Korsan are No Vacancy Inn. The details have always been hazy, but they claim to have met somewhere between New York, Miami and London in 2015.

After several years of partying, sharing hangover remedies, book recommendation and hotel bills they joined forces to apply their unique cultural viewpoint to nightlife, music, radio, and fashion. Their ongoing rehabilitation includes helping to educate the next generation about the history and context of art, music, and style.

No Vacancy Inn wholly embodies the spirit and vibe of Stüssy. An elegant whale cord suit, logo sweats, and packable coat combine for an unfussy, authentic modern wardrobe. This collaborative collection gives sartorial nods to the slapdash style of 80’s movies like ‘Weekend at Bernies’, literary Hunter S Thompson’s booze addled evocation of Muhammed Ali & Africa in ‘The Fight’ and the myth of John Lennon’s ‘Lost Weekend’.

This collaboration evokes both parties’ attitude and genre-bending approach—important cultural exports for a new generation.

Stüssy & No Vacancy Inn is available Friday, September 25th at 10am PST. 

Photographer: Aidan Cullen
Model: ASAP Nast

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